Glencadia Dog Camp FAQs and Info


Welcome to the video tour/Q&A kind of peak around Glencadia Dog Camp. This site ( is meant to show you the ropes if you don’t know what we do. In other words, this place won’t change too often and includes edited videos shot over many years, so you can see a little of this and a little of that in one place.

Between this place, the site and the blog you should have a very good idea what we do. Do visit the blog and choose a few random days, do a few random searches, see what you can see.

But the terms and conditions is another story!

The blog is the place to go to see what is going on right now at Glencadia. The site is the main landing place with more links. The reservation system is where you should go make or change a reservation.

You can also see the edited video tour here.

HERE WE GO: this is what you can find here.

First, you should probably get the lay or the land. You can see the driveway and the barn and get some sense of what it looks like around here.

Now you should look in the dog yard. This is the outside area that is accessible to dogs all the time.

Then you might want to take a peak inside the barn where the dogs sleep, mostly, and where they can go anytime they like.

But the dogs are no restricted to those few acres of the property. We also take them out and about, on fields, paths, in the woods.

After you see the page with dogs running around free, you can see what happens when they cannot be trusted off the leash.

Poking around the blog you might see some critters other than dogs. Go here to see what’s up with that.

People who work here, what we do, etc.

Same idea, but kids. All about kids and dogs here.

What about small dogs? Covered that.

Here’s a page about the pond.

And here is a really fun page showing some very special camp activities.

More good stuff.

Hope this makes a nice addition to the FAQ page on the site and blog… thanks for stopping by.


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hi want to make reservation today for tommorow??
the site is down right now? help
Heidi Nate Plambeck
Max dog
leave Thursday July 2 till Sat July 11 2009
look forward to hearing from you Thanks Heidi

Comment by Heidi and Nate Plambeck

Kodiak is my “grand dog”. I have not been able to open any of the videos on the library computers, but I do appreciate reading your comments about her while Diana is away. Please keep them coming! Thanks.

Comment by Dorothea Donus

Limited Time Offer

Comment by Freetourseve?

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